Biking By Shinjuku Station

This last evening in Tokyo epitomizes what I love about life in Japan. My daring blue mamachari has been my most reliable companion. After tea, we biked into Shinjuku to see the holographic cat outside of the JR east exit. Though I was biking around the world’s busiest train station, it felt refreshingly care free. Cars are cautious, and a few bike lanes exist. Compared to the United Sates, it is an absolute joy to move around in Japanese urban areas. Here, there are sidewalks, greenways, and crosswalks throughout the city

Tokyo & The Olympics: Debacle 2020-21

Hey Friends, Family & Fans, Many of you have checked in on me to ask about the Olympics. This short post is for ya’ll. Actually, I share my 4th Japan-iversary, July 23, 2021, with the start of the delayed and maligned Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The series of scandals surrounding the Olympics is illustrative of bigger […]

Azabajuban: Overseen in Tokyo

OVERSEEN IN TOKYO On the rooftop patio, a lady in a hot blue dress stands at the bar. There she is directing a boy bartender; his face attentive to her specific demands. The blue lady looks off into the distance, a tight blonde lock of curl hovering over her eyes. She needs two drinks, one […]

A Tribute to Memory on Father’s Day: Mustache Dad

One day, my younger sister burned her upper lip while waxing. On that day, my father shaved his mustache. While the rest of his plump face shone with a gold sun-kissed look, that tiny space of the upper lip on his face was unusually clean. It was white and looked a bit neglected after years of hiding under a tuft of black hair.

Green Urban Life: Pluralistic, Sustainable Cities

A burgeoning tiny house culture and the van life movement are American rebukes to contemporary urbanization. As the developing world creates new cities, progressive thinkers are searching for new models of city development.

Homeless in Tokyo

The landless lot. A roving mass of human forms, itinerant, shifting from one ledge to another. Outfitting corners of shelter with plastic crate shelves, the detritus of China’s factory molds feeding the ever growing hunger for more. That existential hole in man’s rumbling insatiable stomach. The mass leaping under clouds, thundering for resolution. Our scurvy […]

Bow to the Sky God

Whipped cream heaped clouds floated over the ever-darkening sky. With each hue darker, the moon glowed deeper and rose further away from the creamy clouds. As trees blended together in the darkness, her moon majesty sent a dusting of gold leaf cover over the clouds.  Leonard Cohen sings into my being. The cars, a music, […]

A Tokyo Religion

I should have expected the good news. Last night, biking my things to my new apartment, I saw the dusky orange outline of our lord Fuji-san, may the sun forever shine on her glory. She beams her power across the land, shooting up the smoke of clouds and drawing pilgrims up to her crater top. […]


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