A Tribute to Memory on Father’s Day: Mustache Dad

One day, my younger sister burned her upper lip while waxing. On that day, my father shaved his mustache. While the rest of his plump face shone with a gold sun-kissed look, that tiny space of the upper lip on his face was unusually clean. It was white and looked a bit neglected after years of hiding under a tuft of black hair.

Green Urban Life: Pluralistic, Sustainable Cities

Over half of the Earth’s population lives in urban centers. This percentage keeps on growing. Two-thirds of global carbon emissions come from cities. These cities provide economic opportunities and social interaction as they create unique challenges. American cities are full of avoidable problems. Sprawling suburbs with few inhabitants, pollution created by traffic, and social segregation […]

Homeless in Tokyo

The landless lot. A roving mass of human forms, itinerant, shifting from one ledge to another. Outfitting corners of shelter with plastic crate shelves, the detritus of China’s factory molds feeding the ever growing hunger for more. That existential hole in man’s rumbling insatiable stomach. The mass leaping under clouds, thundering for resolution. Our scurvy […]

Bow to the Sky God

Whipped cream heaped clouds floated over the ever-darkening sky. With each hue darker, the moon glowed deeper and rose further away from the creamy clouds. As trees blended together in the darkness, her moon majesty sent a dusting of gold leaf cover over the clouds.  Leonard Cohen sings into my being. The cars, a music, […]

A Tokyo Religion

I should have expected the good news. Last night, biking my things to my new apartment, I saw the dusky orange outline of our lord Fuji-san, may the sun forever shine on her glory. She beams her power across the land, shooting up the smoke of clouds and drawing pilgrims up to her crater top. […]

A Time for Pining

In reflection, that last trip before COVID lockdowns took effect feels even sweeter. In reminiscing about travel, I find a new way to enjoy the trips I have taken. An Italian vacation, with a lover in tow, a dream come true! Driving from Naples to Sicily, taking a few days in scenic stops along the […]

Countering the Mayhem Online

One silver lining in this pandemic has been the growth of interactions in online forums. Now, people from all walks of life have the opportunity to grow from the new perspectives they find online. The artful moderation and maintenance of an online space make all the difference. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I had some chances […]

Critical Capitalism

Milton Friedman wrote “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” The economic policies of the World Bank & IMF have increased global inequality. The pandemic illustrates, public health and environmental failures in one place spill past national borders. Our interconnected planet faces transnational phenomena […]


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